Mini Escape Rooms

Mini Escape Room is a faster version of a typical Escape Room. Instead of a 60 minute length, we power pack it into a 12 minute adventure. And don’t worry, it’s still an exciting, entertaining, live-action-puzzle game starring you and your friends. Use elements of the room and your wit to solve a series of puzzles, find clues to complete your adventure.

  • 12 Minute Adventure
  • $11 per person
  • Up to 6 people per room (3 rooms)



Mini Room 1: Space Racer

Escape Room Space Racer

Board the spaceship of the future and fix the reactor core before the ship gets sucked into a black hole

Mini Room 2: Wizards of Wormbly

Escape Room Space Racer

Find the magic wand, use it to open secret doors, find the elixers and get out before the Queens henchmen return and find you snooping! Fun for all ages.

Mini Room 3: Spooky Mansion

Escape Room Space Racer

Locked in a haunted house, you must escape before the stroke of midnight or you will become part of the spirit world