Laser Tag FAQs

Q. Is this paintball?
A. No, this is a game similar to paintball but our equipment does NOT shoot any projectiles. Our equipment emits an infrared beam of light at distances of over 1000 feet. This makes the game extremely fun because the range of the laser tag units allows players to engage each other more than three football fields away from one another. The game is about stealth, teamwork and FUN!
Q. Is it like paintball or indoor laser tag?
A. It is a hybrid of both. It is an outdoor game like paintball, however, it uses technology that is similar to indoor laser tag. The unique part of Outdoor Laser Tag is the accuracy and range.
Q. Does it have to be dark outside to play?
A. No. Once again the unique technology allows for daytime play. The Outdoor Laser Tag field at Adventure Sports is currently open from 12 PM until dark. The installation of lights for after dark play is being considered.
Q. Does it hurt when you get hit?
A. No, the Outdoor Laser Tag units use a harmless infrared technology similar to a TV remote to deliver the “tag” which causes your sensors to light up. In addition to your sensors lighting up when tagged, your laser tag unit will emit sounds to indicate that you have been tagged.
Q. What if it rains?
A. We do not recommend playing if it is raining. We understand that it won’t be as much fun playing in the rain. Your outing can be rescheduled.
Q. Can anyone play Outdoor Laser Tag?
A. The taggers themselves are sturdy and have some weight. Therefore, at Adventure Sports in Hershey, the game is open to anyone that is at least six or older. Regardless of physical capabilities, guests will find a way to be comfortable playing. You may be a runner that moves offensively or someone who stays back and protects teammates.
Q. What should I wear to play outdoor laser tag?
A. Outdoor Laser Tag is played on a three acre field with uneven terrain, trees, bridges and bunkers. Players should wear clothes that they do not mind getting dirty. All players must wear sneakers or comfortable hiking shoes. Open toed shoes or sandals are NOT allowed on the field. Long pants are recommended.
Q. What if I don’t have sneakers or hiking shoes with me?
A. Adventure Sports in Hershey has a selection of sneakers in various sizes for guests to rent during their laser tag session.
Q. Will I be on the playing field with people I don’t know?
A. Open play sessions at Adventure Sports are $10 for fifteen minutes of play. Up to 45 players can be on the field at one time. Reservations can be made for 1 hour  sessions. If you arrive by yourself or with a few friends, it is likely that you will be teamed up with other open play participants.
Q. What if I want a private laser tag session?
A. The playing field at Adventure Sports can be reserved for private outings during times that Adventure Sports in Hershey is closed to the public year round. Private reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance. During private rentals, a greater variety of games will be played. Please call 717-533-7479 to make a private reservation.
Q. Can I bring outside beverages?
A. No. Adventure Sports in Hershey has a water cooler and paper cups at the playing field at no charge.